Stockholm Syndrome 17

Stockholm Syndrome 17 was self-published in 2016. It is a collection of poetry that follows a tripartite narrative arch. It was written, edited, illustrated, and published by Kathleen.

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Praise from readers:


“Kathleen Lohnes is wise beyond her years. Her use of both poetry and art is captivating and moving. The idea that our soul and physical body are separate entities and that we must come to terms and awareness with our “jailer” is innovative and the author clearly weaves this throughout each piece. Stockholm Syndrome 17 exhibits an excellent use of symbolism. The reader can greatly appreciate the progression of poetry from angst to hope.” buyer


Kathleen Lohnes’ “Stockholm Syndrome 17” is some of the most genuine writing I have seen in a long time. Even with the poetry detached from a classic narrator, there is a keen sense of authenticity from the writers pen. Our author here is no doubt a poet, with raw emotion and literary gravity, she has a long future of published works ahead of her.” buyer


“This is a really creative and engaging compilation of poetry and drawings. The basic concept: our souls are imprisoned in our bodies, and we have a very conflicted relationship with our jailers. The opening sections are dark and painful, and the compilation moves in a very engaging way toward awareness, wisdom and resolution. Original and heartfelt, with a strong narrative voice and many finely observed images. buyer