Kathleen is twenty years old and a current undergraduate junior at the University of Iowa. She is on track for a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and minors in philosophy and studio arts. Before college, she attended Saint Ignatius College Prep. in Chicago Illinois.

In January of 2016 Kathleen self-published her first collection of poetry entitled Stockholm Syndrome 17. 

In February of 2017 she was one of ten undergraduates in the state of Iowa to win the inaugural Iowa Chapbook Prize. She was the only freshman to win. Her lyric essay “Time is Not a Count Noun” was edited and published by University of Iowa publishing classes and she received physical copies of her chapbook.

In May of 2017 she began a summer internship for Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Editorial Department where she wrote content for the website. This is the location of her first byline; an article that explains the physics behind black holes.